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Our list of 5 star reviews located on Google & the Bear River Paranormal Facebook Page.  These reviews are from our awesome clients that we've helped over the years with some love from other local paranormal groups!

Kim google review.PNG
Brian Review.PNG
Tate Review.PNG
Jon Review.PNG
Nikki Review.PNG
Becky Review.PNG
Mary Review.PNG
Christine review.PNG
Rita review.PNG
David review.PNG
Paul Review.PNG
Lacey Review.PNG
Eva Review.PNG
Hailey Review.PNG
Savannah's review 2020 2.0.PNG
Becky W Google Review 2019.PNG
Becky W review 2019.PNG
Winter Powers review.PNG
Kristin Hirschi review.PNG
Carla Monterroza Review.PNG
McKenna review.PNG
Trevors Review.PNG
Cathrine Sarver review.PNG
William Voltando Silva review.PNG
Dawn Vel Review.PNG
Brandie Vongmany review.PNG
Jessica Pickering review.PNG
Calebs Review.PNG
Sarah Marie Avalos Review.PNG
Gretchens review.PNG
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